Image result for important noticeDo to the fact that I have lost my voice 😦 I have decided that tomorrow’s Language Arts Classes will be used as an Independent Reading Activity Day.  This serves two purposes: (1) it will make up for an IRA Day that we missed while writing personal narratives and (2) it will take some of the strain off of my voice.

Please bring your books.

February 22, 2017 – LA Update

Today’s classes followed up yesterday’s discussion about Figurative Language and Poetic Devices with several worksheets intended to reinforce student learning:

  1. Figurative language : What Is It?
  2. Figurative language review worksheet

These work sheets were completed and checked/discussed prior to students viewing slides 1 and 2  of my PowerPoint “Pop Songs With Lyrics That Work As Poetry” which provided further opportunity to practice/apply learning.

February 16, 2017 – LA Update

Another day, another school closure, another change of plans…
Mother Nature keeps piling on the snow so let’s try this: we’ll forget about trying to save this week’s Word Work Day and use our classes tomorrow to catch up on some Independent Reading Activity time. 

This means that we’ll take care of Word Work Quiz #7 and Crossword #7  on Tuesday of next week – our usual day for Word Work.

February 12,2017 – LA Update

Tomorrow’s storm closure will see us shuffle our planned activities once again. Accordingly:

  • 8W, 8LC and 8M will use Tuesday’s class to finish up their personal narratives and Wednesday will be Word Work Day.
  • Thursday will be IRA day for 8W and 8LC. 8M will have IRA Day on Friday.

Hunker down and be safe during tomorrow’s storm. As usual, it should be a great opportunity to curl up with some hot chocolate and good book 😀