May 4, 2017 – LA Update

Time for an update on what has been happening in class this week:

Monday was Independent Reading Activity Day for 8M and 8W —  8LC had no class.  Students are reminded that an IRA assignment is due next week.

On Tuesday  students read a the short story “Ride the Dark Horse” by Margaret Bunel Edwards and then completed a number of comprehension questions.

Wednesday was Word Work Day this week.  Students wrote their weekly vocabulary quiz, self-corrected crossword #15, received crossword #16 to complete over the next week and worked on two prefixes exercises.

Today, Thursday, students finished correcting yesterdays prefix exercises and then read the short story “Alfred The Great” by Mary B. Smith which was published in Ebony Magazine in 1992.  This provided an opportunity to practice the reading strategy of  “Asking Questions” and also allowed for a discussion of Character Traits.

Friday is a Professional Learning Day so, while the kids are enjoying a day away from classes, I’ll be participating in learning activities in Saint John which are being offered by the provincial Middle School Council.

Have a great weekend everyone!


April 26, 2017 – LA Update

Yesterday (Tuesday, April 26)

  1. Classes completed their vocabulary quiz (list 15) and self-corrected last week’s crossword puzzle.
  2. A new page of vocabulary lists (Lists 16-21) was handed out as was a new crossword puzzle.
  3. Word Parts… prefixes were our focus as outlined below:

The image below shows some work we did together identifying prefixes.  The strategy we followed was to: (1) identify the root, (2) identify the prefix, (3) define the prefix, and (4) combine the prefix’s meaning with the root.

Following this the following was assigned for completion:

Today (Wednesday, April 26)

Classes turned their attention to the reading of and discussion about Alice Munro’s short story “Boys and Girls”.  Discussion was aided by use of an Elements of Fiction Form.  8LC and 8M will continue work on this story tomorrow. 8W had actually started this last Friday and were able to complete the work today.

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 27)

  • 8LC and 8M will finish their work with Alice Munro’s short story “Boys and Girls”.
  • 8W will tackle another short story.

Friday, April 28 is a Professional Learning Day for staff all across the Province so the students have a long weekend awaiting them. Enjoy 🙂


April 20, 2017 – LA Update

Image result for music as poetryAfter enjoying a well deserved long weekend, students returned to class on Tuesday to begin making presentations of “songs as poetry”.  The last three days have seen everyone take their turn and share their learning with their classmates. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

Looking ahead:

  1. Tomorrow (Friday):
    • 8M will enjoy their IRA Day.
    • 8W will share a short story.
    • 8LC has no class scheduled.
  2. Monday:
    • 8W and 8 LC will enjoy IRA Day
    • 8M has no class scheduled
  3. Tuesday:
    • All classes (8W, 8LC, and 8M) will have Word Work Day – be ready for your vocabulary quiz 🙂


An interesting article from a Middle School teacher who has a problem with “13 Reasons Why”.

I have read Jay Asher’s “13 Reasons Why” and the Netflix adaptation is on my watch list.  The book is wonderful (especially if it opens up the world of literature to a teen) but I agree with the author of this article about the need to balance reading of this book with conversation.

April 12, 2017 – LA Update

Last week students received details regarding the Poetry Assignment  which had first been mentioned at the start of our unit and yesterday we ran randomly selected names for the presentation of Poetry Assignments in class next week.  The images below show the results:


Today we continued our discussion of “What makes a poem a poem?” by watching some performances of spoken word poetry. The “playlist” for each class was a little bit different but included:



April 10, 2017 – LA Update

Today 8W and 8LC enjoyed their Independent Reading Day – a reminder to them that an IRA assignmnet is due every second week. 8M will miss their IRA Day due to schools being closed on Friday.

Tomorrow is Word Work Day.  All students will write their vocabulary quiz on list #13, correct crossword #12 and the do some work with word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and root words).

Wednesday and Thursday will find students revisiting last weeks viewing/listening activity “What makes a poem … a poem?” with a lesson built around some poetry which is a little different from what we have been working with up until now.

On Friday there are no classes as schools are closed for Good Friday