May 30, 2016 – LA Update

This post refers only to what 8W did in class today.  8B missed LA class because of an assembly and 8M does is not scheduled for LA on Monday.

8W continued with and finished the work they started last Friday regarding their reading of Alfred The Great.  Follow the links below for (1) a copy of the story complete with questions and (2) a copy of the answers 8W shared in class:

  1. Alfred The Great with Questions
  2.  Alfred The Great Answers

Tomorrow is Word Work Day and Wednesday will be Independent Reading Day so 8B and 8M will complete this work on Thursday.

May 27, 2016 – LA Update

The past two days have seen students working with two short stories and practicing some reading strategies:

On Thursday Four Men and A Box allowed students to practice the strategy of “making predictions” during their reading and the wrap up with some discussion questions about the text.  Related documents: Four Men and A Box Predicting from a Title | Four Men and a Box Questions

Today Alfred the Great gave students the chance to practice the strategy “asking questions” during their reading.  A number of discussion questions about the text will be looked at at the start of next class.





May 25, 2016 – LA Update

Today was IRA Day and students spent most the their class time reading.

I also took the opportunity to introduce what I hope will be a great end of year assignment/activity which will see students share a review of one of the books they have read this y

Assignment details can be found here and work is due June 16th so that presentations can begin on that date.


May 24, 2016 – LA Update

Our first day back from the long weekend was Word Work Day.  Students wrote their vocabulary quizes and then did some work with prefixes, roots, and suffixes:

8B and 8W:



prefix root suffix

May 19, 2016 – LA Update

Yesterday was Independent Reading Day and classes read and/or worked related assignments.  It is always great to see the kids caught up in their reading and I look forward to these days and the discussions they bring about books🙂

Today we reviewed our earlier discussion about The Monkey’s Paw and then completed and activity in which the text was compared/contrasted with a video adaptation of the story.  Our discussion points and the activity  can be found here: The Monkeys Paw PowerPoint


May 17, 2016 – LA Update

Image result for the monkeys paw 

8B and 8W 


  • 8M does not have LA on Monday’s so today they wrote their Word Work Quiz and then read  The Monkey’s Paw.  As with 8B and 8W, anyone who was absent  should make sure they read the story before Thursdays class as we will be continuing with it as the focus of our work.



Tomorrow is Independent Reading Day for everyone! Please remember to bring your novels to class.